Counselling and Psychotheraphy

It may be that you are feeling overwhelmed by a particular problem and cannot see a way out. You may be troubled by unpleasant feelings and perhaps question your ability to cope.

Something that happened in the past may be interfering in how you live your life now. There could be difficulties in a relationship or an isolating sense of not fitting in.

If any of these have relevance for you then I would like to be able to help.

My intention as a counsellor and psychotherapist is to listen empathically, to offer a non-judgemental attitude, to provide a safe place to talk about your concerns and to encourage new insights and perspectives that suit you.

My practice is trauma informed and is influenced by many approaches to counselling. I can therefore draw upon a variety of established methods to help you as an individual. I will seek to help you to change your relationship with the problem that troubles you and encourage an exploration of the unique skills and abilities that are available to you.

If you would like to ask any questions or make an appointment then please feel free to contact me.


T: 0438 644 490