"…that’s when I first met Janie Roberts the Fragile X Counsellor who has helped me to be what I am today – confident and wanting to enjoy life. Janie has helped me with issues such as not having to hide myself away from the world because I felt ashamed of having Fragile X and I wasn’t good enough … Janie has been a constant and caring support for me … Janie is the first counsellor who I have really bonded with and I completely owe her for this transformation and cannot thank her enough."


"Hi Janie
I would like to thank you for the “Celebration of You” workshop that you facilitated for my carers group yesterday. I was overwhelmed at the beautiful and creative resources you provided and your sensitivity in the group process. All carers warmed quickly to you as you created a safe and nurturing space for them to share a little of their story. This is a gift and a privilege that I know you value and it was very evident throughout the session. What a joy it was to see their creativity emerge as they explored through art the gift of themselves as playful, thoughtful, inspiring, encouraging, uplifting and having fun. This was a powerful process in self re-discovery and building self esteem."


“I realised that I was talking to a professional, a person that I didn’t have to pretend to and someone who I didn’t feel guilty moaning and groaning to …. I am reminded of my skills and abilities and have a different outlook on life. My sincere thanks to Janie, not only for her professional input but also on the lovely manner in which she conducted our sessions. They were and are most valued.”


 “Janie assisted me with the fact that I was feeling like a failure and lost hope in my effectiveness as a carer and parent. She helped me address these issues and enlightened me about what she could see in me and the strength I had. I appreciated having someone to listen and understand my family and myself. She uplifted faith in myself and believed in me.”


 “Thank you for listening and understanding.”


 “Thank you so much for all your kind and useful help, it's been a comfort to know there is help and that I’m not alone.”


 “Janie provides sensitive and insightful feedback to my dilemmas. She is an asset to the Carer’s programme.”
(V. G.)


 “She was awesome! So caring and considerate.”
(P.H. aged 14)


 “She was so joyful and kind that it can change your life into a extremely happy person.”
(M.C. aged 12)


“Janie – What I appreciate about you:
Honest – owns up, real – admits her weaknesses, relates and settles me, likeable, easy to love, personable, has the ability to pour water on a fire, kindness, gentleness, vulnerability – an honest, carefree attitude, humble.”
(A. P.)


T: 0438 644 490